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Commission, Real Goose Egg Bauble / Ornament, Handmade Gift

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If you have any questions about what can be made, please do not hesitate to contact me prior to any purchase.

Stand: I also make a stand for the eggs, this will be on a separate listing as soon as possible.  I use recycled pine (my Christmas tree) and work the wood with hand tools.  Then place a recycled piece of wire through which can be painted to match the egg.  These are available for £20

Important note regarding payment: is required in advance please.  Should you decide you do not wish to keep the item once the final images have been sent, 50% of this will be non-refundable due to the time it takes to make, loss of materials and that I will work with you all the way through to ensure you are happy.

Shipping: Postage and packaging costs – is £10.00 for mainland UK.  I am happy to ship elsewhere / worldwide however shipping costs will need to be confirmed so please contact me prior to purchase.  Thank you

Time: Each egg / tin, can take 2 – 3 weeks to work on and this may be affected by the time it takes you to provide your images, answers to any questions I may have.  I will let you know if I already have several commissions as this may also affect the time.  Should your item be on an urgent basis, please inform me prior to purchase so I can confirm it is possible to make within your constraints.


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A beautifully handmade bauble / ornament.  Perfect for a gift or memorial.  Created using a real goose egg of which the size is approximately 4″.  The design is lovingly hand-painted onto the prepared egg using gouache paints and/or decoupage images of your choosing it is finished with glitter and / or sparkles.  Finally I carefully protect the image with a layer of varnish.

Each egg will be presented in it’s own recycled / up-cycled tin, also carefully designed to match the product inside.

I will work with you all the way through, helping you choose the design / images we use.  Through each stage I e-mail images over to you so you can watch the process evolve and make changes where appropriate / possible.  Finally the egg will be carefully packed ready to send to you.

The wedding egg shown was a gift I created for a friend and used the invitation image I had been given.  The artwork although I painted it on the egg, has been copied from this invitation, unfortunately I do not know the artists name to attribute it to them.

The review below is for the blue sea fairing theme egg.  I cannot show more of this one at present as it has not yet been gifted.  The others are all of my own design and are from my Christmas bauble collection, to give you an idea of the range possible and are available for sale separately.

Review:   I have nothing but delighted praise for my commissioned egg! I can’t show more detail as it’s a gift, but it’s stunning – and even the tin it comes in is a work of art. CJ’s have patiently talked me through each stage of the construction of this joyful thing, bearing with me at each draft stage when I suggested different aspects. This is the first one, too – for a special occasion unique order, you won’t be disappointed! 😁👏



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I have always loved anything crafty since my earliest childhood memories. I studied for both a GNVQ and a BTEC National in Art and Design, specialising in textiles near my home in Norfolk. I then studied at Huddersfield University and obtained a 2:2 in Creative Textile Crafts – this time specialising in Jacquard Weaving. Then life happened and despite holding a continuous love for anything remotely craft based, I needed to work long hours and had two beautiful children. In 2012 our life dynamic changed forever with the sudden heart attack my husband suffered. This resulted in a triple bypass and a horrendous infection. It took him one year to recover and next swiftly discovered he had Oesphageal Cancer. Thankfully, we chose to have our son before the cancer was diagnosed in 2013. So my next three years involved an even more long and tiring journey with a immensely sick husband who could no longer look after himself, an Autistic / PDA daughter aged just 5, who remained un-diagnosed until 2016 and a newborn baby. Needless to say there was no time for anything craft based – or fun for that matter. Roll on a few years, my husband sadly passed away on May 2nd 2016 and I became a widow aged 37, with a 3 and 7 year old. Soon after my daughter’s needs reached a point where she could no longer ‘mask’ in school and the explosions she had from the second she left the school door until she returned the following day were causing all of us such distress I had no clue where to even start. I knew it must be more than just Autism and upon researching discovered the little known and rare ASD profile of PDA. After discussing her needs with a psychologist with vast knowledge on the subject, (as by this time my daughter was only ever an animal character – she would literally be a dog, lapping water up with her tongue, making animal noises, walking on all fours, wearing a tail and playing fetch. Many other animals were used such as a lion, tiger or cheetah, sometimes a baby or characters from the television – around 50 over a few months, but never herself. This we now call her ‘bubble world’ she cannot cope with reality and encases herself into something / or somewhere she feels safe) in the end, I pulled her out of school and began our Home Educating journey. It has been the beginning to a fraught few years, but finally I can see my daughter returning, she is now 10. With a few more good hours available each week, last year 2018, I finally decided to start crafting again, although not textiles initially. I wanted to see if I could make an egg into a bauble for the children and loved it so much I progressed further. Now I am making Christmas Baubles – or celebratory ones such as for wedding gifts. They are all made from real eggs, chicken, duck and goose. I feel extremely guilty about making things as for me it produces such pleasure, but have decided it is time to attempt a business where I will hopefully branch out to other areas too. Each egg takes me around 3 days to make, some more. I am still in the very early stages and hoping that someone will like what I create. For the future, I wish to provide again for my family, fighting through the darkness and feeling as though I belong to society again from which i have been removed for so long. I used to be a manager of a holiday company, now I dare not go anywhere without another adult due to the meltdowns. I fear my daughter may always need a carer but remain hopeful she will pull through the tragic life she has led thus far. I am also writing a book entitled ‘4 years a carer – living with a heart attack, cancer and autism’ to help raise the awareness of carers and how much they have to do that remains unnoticed by the passersby. Along with this I have written and illustrated a bereavement picture book for children – entitled ‘Goodnight Daddy’ which I also hope to publish. Thanks for reading my story.

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