Celestial Wedding Invitation


Please note, all Celestial Wedding Stationery products are DOWNLOADS.  They are editable in Canva or please contact me  if you want me to do the work for you (£20 per hour).  Allow 24-48 hours for your download to be delivered to your email address. (Check the spam folder if you don’t see it)

BEFORE you go on to add any  items to your basket,  we need to make your special and unique design from the map of the heavens above. If you haven’t already completed the information for your star map, click here as this is the most important part of your unique design.


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So, just how unique and personalised would you like your wedding stationery to be? My Celestial Wedding invitation incorporates the stars or a section of stars from your Star Map.  This Star Map can be set for your wedding date, place and time, or if you prefer, another occasion like your first date.  The gold stars on the stationery you order will be from this Map.

This of course makes your wedding stationery absolutely unique and as special as you, and the Star Map forms part of all the Celstial wedding Stationery Collection.

The Celestial Wedding invitation is classy and subtle – some people may think the design is random gold splashes, but it is so much more personal than that.

The Steampunk Astrologer is not set up as a printing service, so each design is available as a download.  This leaves you much more free to choose the quality of paper/card etc, the number of prints and the printer(s) of your choice – or even print them at home!  The gold stars are not gold foil but a very good representation of it.  (Some printers may offer to print these using real gold foil.)

I will need your email or contact in order to undertake this service properly for you. Obviously, I will need the information to set up your Star Map but I will also need to go through with you what text you want, and then later check the layout with you.

I’ve used the classic size of 5 x 7 for this invitation, but have made the design landscape orientation.  Apart from being slightly different, it also allows for more of the stars to be shown.


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Hi. I’m a qualified Astrologer and create astrological charts as pieces of art – ARTstrology. I was self taught in my teens, but later went on to do a recognised course with the Mayo school of Astrology. As well as charts I offer interpretations/reports, greetings cards and image globe jewellery. I create geometric arrow designs for the zodiac and for individuals using information from their birth charts.
My designs incorporate my own drawings and photos, plus soem parts of public domain images. I NEVER use AI in any part of my designs.
As my client, my focus is creating a piece of work personal to you, and making sure you are happy with the results!
I’ve had depession on and off since 1984, but hidden it really well. In 2022 however, anxiety decided to join the party, making it a challenge for me to leave the house or meet people. 2023 I decided to stop hiding my mental health and accept how it affects me, while still fighting to let the inner happier and more settled me show herself.

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