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Business card holder gift card pouch – any colour

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This buttoned busines card holder is perfect for storing business cards or gift cards. Its made using 100% cotton fabric so is fully washable at 30 degrees, and can be ironed on a low to medium heat. It can hold 16 standard business cards, 8 on each side, or 8 business cards and a couple of gift cards. It measures 4″ tall, and 2.5″ wide when closed (5″ when open) It is closed using a button and elastic closure for added security. This pouch is perfect for carrying in your handbag or pocket to have your business cards on hand all the time

The pouch can be made in any colour, so please add your colour choice into the Order Note to Seller box before purchasing and I will email you with fabric options once I receive the order.

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I‚Äôve always had a love of arts and crafts. From a young age I would doodle and draw, paint, make things and generally make a mess.¬†But that all changed when I became pregnant.¬†¬†was having trouble walking and had unbelievable pain in my pelvis and hips. I mentioned it to my consultant, who told me that it was normal stretching pain and I was making a big deal out of nothing. I was refused physio and told to get on with it, so I went to see a physio privately, who diagnosed me with¬†SPD¬†(Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, or¬†PGP¬†as its now called).¬†It continued to get worse throughout the rest of the pregnancy, and it caused complications for the birth (which I don‚Äôt need to get into) I also dislocated my coccyx (which is still dislocated 12 years later). My second pregnancy ¬†was worse, this time my physio gave me the news that I had had a¬†Spontaneous Symphisiotomy¬†(where the pelvis basically splits in two).¬†I was also referred to an orthopedic consultant who I am still under today. I have been diagnosed with¬†Diastasis of the Symphysis Pubis, Scaroiliitis,¬†Dislocated Coccyx, a¬†Prolapsed Disc¬†in my lower spine, my hips are 2‚Ä≥ out of line and I have severe and constant¬†Sciatica. I am under a gastroenterologist who has diagnosed me with¬†IBS¬†too, and have Intolerances to wheat, lactose, soya and caffeine. I also have¬†Fibromyalgia¬†and¬†Raynaud‚Äôs Disease which I’ve been told have been¬†caused by all the trauma.¬†I‚Äôve started my love of drawing again. I decided that seeing as there are so many things that I can‚Äôt do, I need to find something I can do.

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