Aromatherapy Gemstone Chakra Bracelet

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This listing is for an aromatherapy Chakra balancing bracelet, created with traditional Gemstones and including 2 porous Lava Beads that can be used to diffuse essential oils at your pulse points.

The bracelet is made up of 7 x 8mm gemstone beads, threaded onto a simple cotton cord, each bead representing one of the 7 Chakras. This row of beads forms a focal point at the front of the bracelet, and is flanked at either end with a coloured 8mm Lava stone, a pourus volcanic bead that can be used with essential oils, the warmth of your wrists gently releasing their properties, surrounding you with healing energy.

The bracelet features a sliding knot, which means that it can be adjusted to fit your wrist perfectly.
(If you require an exceptionally small /large bracelet, please do let me know so that I can make necessary adjustments)

There are 7 major Chakras running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, each corresponding to a certain area of the body. These Chakras are believed to be responsible for directing energy throughout the body to different organs, nerves and muscles.
Each Chakra is believed to spin at a different frequency.
When a Chakra spins at its perfect frequency the body radiates perfect health; emotions are centred and balanced and we enjoy a deep sense of peace.
However, if we lead an unhealthy lifestyle our chakras can fall out of frequency or become blocked. This causes a disruption to the body’s energy flow and we either fall prey to illnesses, feel under par, or lose our emotional equilibrium.
Chakras are stimulated by energy vibrations, similar to those found to resonate within crystals. Crystals can thus be used in a similar way to a tuning fork, to realign the body’s vibrations.

I have chosen the following gemstones to represent each chakra according to its assigned colour, and linked to the part of the body it acts upon.

7th Crown Chakra: Amethyst
6th Third Eye Chakra: lapis Lazuli
5th Throat Chakra: Amazonite
4th Heart Chakra: Aventurine
3rd Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow Jade
2nd Sacral Chakra: Carnelian
1st Base Chakra: Garnet

Although these Gemstones have been carefully chosen to correspond with specific Chakras, they also each possess their own intrinsic properties, so that additionally you can benefit from their healing energies.
A leaflet with full details of the specific Gemstones will be included with your order, in addition to an explanation of the Chakras.

Finally, your bracelet will be charged with Reiki, and presented to you in a beautiful organza bag, along with an explanatory leaflet.

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I used to be an active primary school teacher, until problems arising from Congenital Hip Dislocation and Bi Lateral Hip Dysplasia. Shortly after the birth of my children, I developed Severe Arthritis in my left hip. After some time and waiting lists (another story!) I had a hip replacement on my left hip. I returned to work and caring for my family, but the hip was never ‘right’ and still caused issues. To cut a very long story short, after multiple surgeries, eventually a severe bone infection was found. This meant removal of the entire prosthesis and iv antibiotic before replacing the hip again. However, Chronic Pain ensued. And ultimately I was offered the option of total permanent removal of the implant leaving me disabled but without pain. Sadly, that didn’t work out too well, and the same level of pain ensued. I was referred to various PMU and underwent many procedures, and have had a spinal cord stimulator implant.

Gemstones have long been my passion, and I’ve always dabbled making gemstone bracelets and pressing them onto my long suffering friends whenever they mentioned some ailment. It was a natural progression for me, when I had to retire from teaching on medical grounds, to begin making my jewellery to sell. This began simply as a way to keep busy, whilst I was in and out of hospital, and I only ever made items to order for people I knew.. but they were paying me, so I could buy more sparkly rocks!
Now I make all sorts of jewellery, but each item is still made with as much love as those first bracelets, and the recipient is the main focus at the centre of everything I create.
So I’m afraid I don’t have ready made items that I can pop into a Jiffy bag when you order, but I will create a specially commissioned piece just for you!
This story started with me as an active young(ish) mum with a career I loved. Now my children are post University, working and living their own lives, my husband is my carer, and I spend a lot of time in bed!

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