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Adventure travel fund – Box frame money box

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Looking for a unique, original, personal way to save up? Have you got a certain adventure or holiday you are saving up? Then why not treat yourself to one of our beautiful and original handmade adventure travel funds. Perfect gift for a friend who has a bucket list or someone who is travelling round the world.

Handmade box frame complete with a map of the world as the background and ‘Adventure Fund’ printed onto the glass.

Each frame has an acrylic front with a slot cut out for you to put your money inside. Both coins and notes will fit into the slot. Since the front is acrylic, it is very substantial and won’t scratch or break.

The back of the frame is easy and accessible for you to get your money out when you have finished saving.

They make the perfect treat for yourself as they can be used year after year for every adventure you plan. They also make fabulous gifts for your family or friends.

If you would like your adventure fund personalised, pop the name you want in the ‘Order Notes to Seller’ box when ordering. Make sure the wording or name is spelt correct when purchasing. For example, why not add – ‘Our’ or ‘My’ for it to say ‘Our adventure fund’ or ‘My adventure fund.’ If you would like to make it even more personal, feel free to add a name. For example, if you write ‘Chloe’ in the box, when your product arrives; it will say ‘Chloe’s Adventure Fund.’

Feel free to add any other things you want adding or taking away. For example, if you don’t want the map of the world, please state what background you want. If you want an extra aeroplane, please state.

Any other queries or questions, contact us using the ‘Contact Craftie’ button.

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