Clay masks are tricky, especially when you have dry, sensitive skin. Many clays are often over-drying by themselves and you must add oils or humectants to combat the drying properties. Of course, if you have naturally oily skin, you must embrace the drying properties of clay mask if you have sensitive combination skin, you have to perform a balancing act of sorts.

Today, I had a blotchy face :-/ and a couple of swollen cystic places on my chin (thanks, hormones!). I took the opportunity to experiment a little with a different kind of clay mask.

I spent about 20 minutes staring into my supplies box before I figured out where to start. Honey, of course! Honey helps pain, redness, inflammation, acne, and combats the drying properties of a clay. But I also wanted something more. Honey by itself is kind of drippy and goopy when applied to your face. The mask needs to be substantial, and I really love using clays. I decided on Kaolin Clay because it is a gentle, moisturizing clay that won’t clog pores and will perform a very mild detox of the skin.

DIY Anti-Inflammatory Healing Clay Mask for Cystic Acne and Damaged Skin

But how boring is just honey and clay?! Bring on the herbs!

I wanted this blotchy, redness to go down so I added calming chamomile powder to this mask. And to supercharge the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, acne-treating mask, I added GOLDENSEAL! Goldenseal is an amazing herb and natural antibiotic. It even kills the Black Plague! I have been using it in my homemade deodorant recipe because it contains a natural compound called “berberine”. Berberine is an alkaloid that is used in Chinese medicine and is proven to treat and manage many illnesses when used internally. When applied to skin, it is proven to kill bacteria (particularly bacteria that causes odor) which is why I am testing it in deodorant. I know that many types of bacteria can cause acne and clog pores so why not try it on my face? But ewww, this mask smelled kind of funky…very medicinal. I added Cypress essential oil to make it smell nicer, and it is antiseptic and good for acne as a bonus! But you can add any essential oil you like. As I mixed this mask, I added a couple of teaspoons of water to get it to a good, spreadable consistency. Because I am just plain awesome-sauce, I have decided to share the recipe with the Crafties. <3

DIY Anti-Inflammatory Healing Clay Mask for Cystic Acne and Damaged Skin


My Ingredients:

  • 1/4th cup of Honey
  • 1 cup of Kaolin Clay
  • 2 teaspoons of Chamomile
  • 1/8th teaspoon of Goldenseal
  • 5 drops of Cypress Essential Oil
  • 1-4 teaspoons of Filtered Water (until it reaches desired consistency)
Alicia testing Anti-Inflammatory Healing Clay Mask
I got a little in my mouth and it actually tasted pretty yummy!!

I knew that with honey as the base, this mask would never dry out to the point where it made my skin feel tight and dry, so I left it on for 30 mins. I wanted my skin to get good exposure to the benefits of this mask. I put the remainder of the mask in a small jar (I just got new jars today!) so I wouldn’t have to mix up a new batch each time. The great thing about honey in this mask is that it helps preserve the mask and keep it from drying out so it may last me a few months.




The Results?

  • My skin is glowing brighter
  • The redness is almost gone
  • The cysts are much less painful and seem to be smaller
  • Skin is moisturized
  • Skin feels refreshed and clean!
  • I would be pretty confident leaving the house without cover-up or makeup.
  • The mask is a little grainy from the chamomile, so I may need to refine and powder it more if I wanted it to suit texture-sensitive people with extreme fibromyalgia.
  • I want to add Calendula next time to make it even more calming and delicate.
  • The smell was fresh and sweet, and very herbal. I don’t mind the scent but I will look into making it smell better without strong essential oils like Cypress.
  • It looks really nice in the jar, too! I got some new jars with classier looking black lids today. This may be a potential product in the future of Made4Hypersensitives.
Alicia testing Anti-Inflammatory Healing Clay Mask
See this face?
This is my “I’m a genius” face.

Feel free to chat with me or leave a comment! I am always happy to help! 😀


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