The Day My Life Changed – CRPS

I had a lump growing just below my big toe at the side, I went to the doctors and he suggested it had to be removed. So I was booked in 2 weeks later. The op went fine, as far as I was aware and I was sent home lumpless with a numb foot. As soon as the general anaesthetic started wearing off I knew something wasn’t right. For 2 weeks I was back and forth to the doctor with horrendous pain and was just given stronger and stronger painkillers.

16 days after the op and many hours of tears, the dressing and stitches were finally coming out. That’s when the first problem hit! They took the stitches out and the wound just went POP! Opened right back up again! I was left with a gaping hole for 5 weeks as I refused any more dressing and there was no point in any more stitches as the would just swell and open again. This was the start (unbeknown to myself) of CRPS. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (also known as RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)  Causalgia,  Sudeck’s atrophy, Reflex neurovascular dystrophy (RND), or algoneurodystrophy.

Tests later revealed I had a Ganglion Tumour removed and even tho to this day I regret having it removed, it would have grown so big as it was growing at a fast rate, so I would have had to have the operation at some point anyway.

Now I don’t want to make anyone feel ill but…. I feel the need to show you these pictures. The one all bandaged up was the day of the op. The one that has the wound open the most was 4 weeks after surgery, and the last one was 5 weeks after surgery.

CRPS changes lives, not just you but everyone around you

Crps day of opCRPS week 4 of opCRPS week 5 op

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