Craft Insurance

Do I need insurance?

YES, if you are selling either at craft fairs or online (on any selling platform) you will need to protect yourself and customers by taking out insurance.

PUBLIC Liability Insurance: This is what is needed if you sell at craft fairs. It will cover you if a member of the public injures themselves whilst visiting your store (eg tripping on a cable).

PRODUCT Insurance: This is often included in public liability policies and is needed in case the products you sell cause injury or property damage. Please ensure if you sell overseas that your policy includes this.

If you’re based in the USA, it’s likely to be general liability insurance that you take out to protect your business, although exactly what it covers and how it compares to public liability insurance will depend on the insurer and policy you choose. Always check your documents carefully.

What Craft Insurance do Crafties use?

For UK Crafties this
insurance company is the most popular and highly rated by

Ian Wallace Insurance

Please note: Conscious Crafties is not affiliated to this company in any way