Conscious Crafties Selling Tips!

6 simple tips to increase the visits and sales for your Conscious Crafties shop!

Crafties Handmade Marketplace

Not only do you have access to our Crafties Club, we also have our amazing Facebook selling and networking group Crafties Handmade Marketplace, which provides you with a direct audience of over 2,200 customers. By posting daily with your Conscious Crafties product links you will grow your brand awareness to an audience that love handmade products. Our most successful sellers have great success as they are:

  • Consistent with their posting
  • Post different items to keep things fresh
  • Engage with their audience with well worded posts
  • They also have the patience to ensure they build their online presence which builds their brand and their customer base.

We recommend posting every day in the Marketplace and other Facebook groups to maximise the opportunity to grow your brand awareness in the handmade community.

Add a Shop Now Button on your Facebook page

Direct your Facebook page traffic to your Conscious Crafties shop so they can easily buy from you by adding a ‘Shop Now’ button to your page. Watch this simple how to video.

Twitter and Instagram

When posting on Twitter and Instagram make sure you are using the Crafties hashtags:
With over 5,880 posts on Instagram many of our customers are beginning to follow our hashtags and shop from them – it’s our social media version of a gift guide. Make sure you give our Conscious Crafties Instagram and Twitter accounts a follow and make sure you start to follow our hashtags as well to help build your network.

Your Conscious Crafties Shop

When shopping online you want to see who you are buying from. Treat your Conscious Crafties shop page as your shop window. An inviting shop is a shop that gets customers. Make sure your store icon picture, your health and craft story is concise and your shop banner is filled with interesting product pictures to catch customers’ attention from the very start.

Product Categories

Having your items in relevant categories makes all the difference. If you place them in categories that are not relevant then it can put customers off as there is nothing worse than seeing lots of jewellery when looking for cozy knits! Remember, you can add an item in up to five categories so make sure you add it to a gift category if it is relevant for a certain occasion or person.

Be Active in our Crafties Club

Not only is our Crafties Club a great way to give and offer emotional and business support, but people buy from people they know. Make sure you are posting images of your work in progress and finished photos so Crafties can give feedback and will also know you are the person to go to when they are looking to treat themselves or buy gifts.

We hope these 6 simple tips help you grow your brand presence online with Conscious Crafties and as always if you need any support please email us at [email protected] or comment on the ‘Ask a Question’ post in our Crafties Club x