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About Conscious Crafties

Super Ted the Assistance Dog
Karen Thomas

We’re a worldwide supportive community and online craft marketplace for creative entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and grow their businesses – despite experiencing life changing struggles such as chronic health conditions, disabilities or are caring for a family member. Our Crafties Club is the beating heart of Conscious Crafties to help support each other through the period of grief we go through for our former lives. Our online shops and Business Hub empowers us to regain our purpose by following our entrepreneurial dreams. We are also helping to change the way society perceives those suffering with chronic or mental illness and disability. Conscious Crafties is the brainchild of Karen Thomas, following becoming disabled practically overnight with multiple rare chronic illnesses.
Karen Thomas Conscious Crafties LinkedIn Profile To discover more about Karen and her experience working at the forefront within blue chip multi million ecommerce internet industries find her on LinkedIn

What's included?

crafties club

Our Crafties Club is the beating heart of Conscious Crafties. Where Crafties make friends with fellow Crafties who understand each others struggles. Essential support for everyone in both life and business

The website

Established handmade craft marketplace launched in 2015. Almost 300 shops owned by talented entrepreneurs living with extra challenges. Over 2000 customer reviews. Mobile responsive.

social media

As part of the package we are also including all of our Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube and our LinkedIn accounts. Together these equate to almost 20,000 followers! #CraftiesRock!

Could you be our new owner?

Open for limited time!

Why is this amazing website being sold?

Following a deterioration in health and needing to embark on a course of seeing more specialists, it’s no longer possible for Karen to continue to give the passion and drive Crafties deserve to ensure #CraftiesTakeOverTheWorld

Conscious Crafties business for sale marketplace
Craftie Seller Map

Where are Crafties located?

We are really popular within the UK and USA markets, but have Crafties across the world. This map technology is part of the sale and could be used to your advantage in targeted advertising.

Each Craftie can also see a map of where their customers are located in their shop dashboard to visualise where their sales are coming from.

Registered Craftie Sellers


Additional sellers who are yet to complete their shop settings
(PLUS 61 on a VIP shop waitlist)


Total registered customers. We also have many more customers who use Guest Checkout

£ 1

Crafties have earned themselves lots of revenue through their sales

Want to hear more?
The Crafties have built a website to show how much being a Craftie means to them
Visit #CraftiesRock Website


  • Established marketplace (3 years)
  • Mobile responsive
  • Prices display in customers own countries currency
  • Wishlist - with ability to share list with others
  • Tried and tested seller joining page
  • Online website chat
  • Approve, reject or auto approve new sellers
  • Crafties can personalise their shop with banners and icons
  • Social networks can be added to shops
  • Crafties story displayed on every product
  • Duplicate product function
  • Product price options
  • Ability to add text boxes to products for personalisation
  • Each product page has an 'Order note to seller' box
  • Technology used to auto share all new products on social media
  • Shop notices for holidays or offers
  • Ability to add coupon discount codes
  • Worldwide or national shipping
  • Crafties can set caps on postage charged
  • Ability to offer FREE shipping for large orders
  • Comprehensive seller help guides
  • Crafties can find Crafties near them
  • Find a Crafties Shop feature
  • Technology available for customers to search for sellers near them
  • Crafties can view their customers on a map
  • Manage customer expectation with days items take to handmade
  • Product view stats
  • Reports of earnings and orders
  • Printing of shipping address labels
  • Orders can be marked as shipped
  • Tracking numbers can be added to orders
  • Notes can be added to orders
  • Crafties can friend request each other
  • Crafties can private message Crafties or customers
  • Upload pictures to messages
  • Crafties get instantly paid for orders by Paypal
  • Over 2000 customer reviews
  • Business Hub for customer support and sharing of information
  • Technology set up for online chat room like Facebook group
  • Business Hub file attachments
  • Bulk product editing tool
  • Techology to allow visitors and sellers to submit blogs easily
  • Auto approve blogs or approve manualy
  • Image optimiser on upload
  • Dynamic menus based on user role
  • Redirect users on sign in based on role
  • Front end professional page builder for gorgeous pages
  • GDPR cookie consent
  • User switching technology for admin to help with customer support
  • Ability to take commission on orders
  • Flexible payment plans for memberships
  • Customers can opt in to our mailing list at checkout
  • Seller list syncs with our MailChimp seller newsletter list
  • Site SEO managed via Yoast
  • Separate staging site for testing new functionality before go live
  • SSL certificate for secure transactions
  • Domain names .com and

Our Social Network Dominance


Our main Facebook page


Facebook page with live feed of every new product listed on the site


Facebook Crafties Marketplace Sellers Group for sharing product links


Facebook Crafties Club for emotional and business support between Crafties

Live feed of every new product listed on the site





You Tube Channel

(newly created)

Over 20,000 Followers!

#CraftieFriends #CraftiesRock #TalentBeyondChallenges #NeverGiveUp #CraftiesTakeOverTheWorld!

Could you be our new owner?

Open for limited time!

Great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Page 1 on Google for the following terms:

Craft Marketplace

Sell Crafts Online UK

Buy Handmade Gifts

Buy Handmade Crafts

Sell Crafts

Disabled Crafts

We’re just under Etsy in Google for the term ‘Sell Crafts’
Etsy sell crafts google

Our GDPR Safe Mailing Lists


Marketing Newsletter
(was over 2000 prior to GDPR re-opt in)


Sellers Newsletter
(syncs with sellers role on the site)

VIP Shop Waitlist
Opened on 24th July when enrolment for new shops closed


Conscious Crafties is trademarked until Sept 2026 (value £200)
View Trademark here


SELLER subscriptions

Membership options:
• £4 every 4 weeks (£3.74 after Stripe fees) - 151 Shops (£564.74 every 4 weeks)
• £4.50 per month (£4.24 after Stripe fees) - 58 Shops (£245.92 per month)
• £13 per 3 months (£12.63 after Stripe fees) - 16 Shops (£67.36 per month)
• £25 per 6 months (£24.45 after Stripe fees) - 12 Shops (£48.90 per month)
• £48 annual membership (£47.13 after Stripe fees) - 16 Shops (£62.84 per month)
Approx £989.76 per month
(Please note this does not take into account failed payments)

We currently have 5 Sponsored Shops paid by the public,
2 winners of a years membership and
27 free lifetime shops given to Crafties who have helped me in some way

287 Shops


Easyfundraising logo

Easyfundraising is the UK's number one good cause cashback platform, working with over 3,300 shops and sites to give everyone a free way to support causes.
Every time anyone shops through easyfundraising they collect a free donation for the good cause they support.
Many of our Crafties and customers have signed up to support us while doing their normal online shopping.
To date we have raised £1796

Marketing Materials

Over 400 newly branded business cards
1200 recently designed printed leaflets (double sided – 1 side customer focused, other side seller focussed)
30 heart key rings
Logo – psd, png, jpg
Various imagery for marketing
Animated new sellers video (see below)

Could you be our new owner?

Open for limited time!

Huge Growth Potential!


As Conscious Crafties is such a niche market, this could create very targeted leads for companies / organisations / charities. For example: Hobbycraft, Create and Craft, The Handmade Fair, craft exhibitions (eg Excel, Olympia, NEC), craft magazines, wellness magazines, NHS, creative therapy centres, illness, disability, mental health, autism and carer charities and organisations

Increase Sellers

1 in 2 people in the USA are sadly diagnosed with a Chronic Illness, meaning the potential for growth is huge. There are hundreds of Chronic Illness, Disabilities and Carer groups on Facebook. We have only scratched the surface of what’s possible. Our joining page has been tried and tested and is beautifully worded by our genius content writer. We have a VIP Shop Waiting List following closing enrolment for new Crafties (due to health)


As Conscious Crafties is a feel good cause; this could attract investment or sponsorship from large companies. This would also be ideal for Dragons Den. We have a page prepared for sponsorship, written by our incredible content expert.
Read our Sponsorship page


If a disabled celebrity or a celebrity who cares for a family member endorsed us, this could potentially give Conscious Crafties huge exposure and help us become a household name

Social Enterprise

As Conscious Crafties is having a positive impact on the world, it would be a perfectly placed transition to a social enterprise or charity. This would open up the doors to funding opportunities and tax relief along with greater exposure and help from organisations

Press / Media

We have appeared in various press here. There is also a Chronic Illness Bloggers Facebook group which could be tapped into further to ask them to blog about us in return for a link back to their blog. We also have website badges bloggers could add to their websites linking back to Here are some of the bloggers who have already added our website badge.


These awards would be perfect for Conscious Crafties:
• The Stelios Awards for Disabled Entrepreneurs
• Disability Smart Awards
• Research and Development (R&D) Award for Disabled Artists
• National Diversity Awards
• Disabled Entrepreneur of the Year award
• Disability Awards UK

Phone App

This would:
• Greatly improve customer engagement by 20-40% encouraging return visits from their mobile device.
• Increase sales
• Reduce advertising and marketing spend as communication would be easy and free to customers and sellers via push notifications.
• Improve SEO (Google now ranks in-app content)
• Increase sharing of content on social medias
• Increase engagement with sellers and attract new sellers to the site
• Improve the sellers experience listing products from phones

Hopes and Dreams

Our new owner would live and breath the Conscious Crafties ethos and run the site and community with compassion. They would also need the skills, passion and funds to take Conscious Crafties to the next level and make it a household name. My hope would be for Conscious Crafties to remain as a separate enterprise in it’s own right to honour the philosophy of supporting those who live with extra struggles. However, if Conscious Crafties needs to be merged into a current craft marketplace, then the request would be to keep the Crafties Club (on Facebook) open as an extra support network just for Crafties or additional sellers on your site who also have disabilities, health conditions or care for loved ones.

Could you be our new owner?

Open for limited time!