Complete your Conscious Crafties Shop


How to Complete Your Shop

Your Log In Details: From the email we sent you (check your spam/junk folder). Or you may already have created an account yourself so please use the log on details when you joined. If you need these resetting just give me a shout.
Shipping Costs: What most of your items cost to post (in UK pounds).
Returns Policy: A legal requirement when selling online. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can use our Crafties Returns Policy 🙂
Your Paypal email: The email associated with your Paypal account
(if you don’t have a Paypal account you can register for Paypal here)
Funds available: You will need £3.50 in your bank account for the 1st month membership fee which comes out on the same day every month.

Let’s Create Your Shop!

Before you do anything, please watch the HELP VIDEO below for how to create your shop.
Open the site in a new window so you still have this guide handy in case you need to refer back to it. Please help me help you by completing all the information.
hot drink relax Now get comfy with a nice cuppa as setting up your shop will take approx 15 mins.
Got Stuck?: If at any point you get confused, do shout up I’m always happy to help. Send me an email 🙂

Completed Check List

✔Store Tab – Your Story | Your Health Conditions | Your Address
✔Payment Tab – Paypal Email | Connected to Stripe | Signed up to Membership
✔Branding Tab – Optional and can be done at any time
✔Shipping Tab – Shipping costs | Returns Policy


Let me know: Reply to the email I sent you with:

Wait for Confirmation: Do not add any products until you receive confirmation that your shop has been checked. Wait for me to confirm your shop is OK (please be patient as I’m is sick too). Make sure you have FRIEND REQUESTED me on Facebook, so I can quickly get in touch. I will then ask you for a photo of your face which will be used to welcome you into our secret Crafties Community Facebook group 🙂 You’ll also be sent a WELCOME PACK which contains our ADDING PRODUCTS HELP VIDEO that is a must watch before adding any products.

Welcome to Conscious Crafties! Looking forward to getting to know you!

Much love,

Karen xxx