Blog Help Guide

Step 1: Sign in to Conscious Crafties with your Username and Password
(you would have received an email with your Blogger account registration)

Sign in to Blog on Conscious Crafties

Step 2: You’ll be taken to your Dashboard. Click on ‘Posts’ then select ‘Add New’

Add new blog post

Step 3: Add a title of your post, then blog away to your hearts content in the large text box!

Tip – Include lots of keywords that are relevant to your blogs content, so when Google reads your blog, it knows what it’s about and helps people find your blog.

Conscious Crafties Blogging screen

Step 4: Add pictures to your blog to add interest – everyone loves pictures 🙂

Click where you want the image or video to appear then select ‘Add Media’:

Add pictures and video to your blog

Click ‘Upload Files’ to add photos:

Upload pictures to your blog

Click ‘Select Files’ and add your picture from your computer.

Add Title, Alt Tag and Description to your image – use keywords that explain what your image it (this helps Google find your image and your blog)

Add tags to images

Then select ‘Insert into post’ button and your image will appear in your blog.

If you have a video on You Tube etc, you can simply add the website address of the video:

Upload videos to your blog


Step 5: Tick the Categories that relate to you and your blogs, so our Crafties can easily find you to follow. Illness / Disability should always be ticked, scroll to find additional categories. If you can’t find what you’ll looking for, contact us and we will add more for you.

llness disability topics

Step 6: Add any keywords to the Tags section, separated by comma’s (very similar to categories but every little helps people find you)


Step 7: Add a ‘Feature Image’ to your blog this will appear on the main blog page and summarises what your blog is about, like this:

Recent blogs

If you miss this step, your image will be blank and won’t be as enticing for readers to click.

To add a feature image, click the ‘Set featured image’ link:

Set feature image

Upload images and add tags as in Step 4, then select ‘Set Featured Image’ button:

Set feature image

Step 8: Help people find your blog.

We’ve added a special area that works it’s magic with Google to help your blog get found. Add a ‘Focus Keyword’ – this should be the main word or phase that summarises your blog and is a word or words that you have used in your blog content:


Add a ‘Meta Description’ this will be what Google displays in search results when people are searching for your blog. This should be a little summary of what your blog is about. Make sure you include your focus keyword in the there! You have 156 characters for your meta description, so be greedy and use them all 😉

A little magic then happens to show you how often you have included the all important keyword(s). Getting a ‘Yes’ in all areas is what you are looking for.

Step 9: Save your blog

Save blog


Step 10: Preview your blog:

Preview blog

Check you are happy 🙂

Check blog preview

Step 11: Publish your blog!

Publish blog

On final thing….

Your readers will be able to leave you comments about your blog:

Blog comments

You can see your comments on your blog and also when you are signed into your Conscious Crafties blogging account.

Happy blogging! 🙂