That should be another bad really I suppose, a whole weekend of feeling very poorly, frustration at being knocked off my feet again when I have so many crafting projects on the go, needing completing or itching to start!

Instead when I felt up to it I picked up my sewing bag and thought I’d sew a few small Xmas decorations. Nothing complicated as my attention span was incredibly short due to pain and lack of sleep. That cheered me up a little!

Sunday morning, no better, in fact feeling worse and weepy, feeling sorry for myself.  I don’t get weepy often but it annoys me even more than feeling unwell. No control over my mind, body or emotional state is super frustrating.

I let myself wallow in it, in between trying to sleep off a God awful headache. Later that afternoon I had a message from a lady who placed a large order with me. Instantly I started online shopping for the materials needed for these makes and felt the creative energy building in me again, itching to get better to complete orders and to start these newer projects.

Monday morning still feeling crappy, no sleep at all and pain levels slightly less, but I feel better today, mentally and emotionally. Creative energy building, excited about my new products and projects planned has taken the focus away from how grotty I’m feeling and given me new focus, again!

Who needs mindfulness when you’re a crafter! For me, its the best therapy out there and I know my Craftie Friends will agree!

Give it a go sometime, if you never have before, or if you fancy having a look at the work myself and my fellow Crafties friends do!

You’ll find us at! 🙂

Happy crafting! 😉

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